Evergreen Region Volleyball Association

Junior Official Interest Form



Please direct questions to:

ERVA Office

Phone: 509-290-5552

Email: office@evergreenregion.org



The ERVA is offering Junior Players the opportunity to work as paid Officials. Junior officials will be paid $15/match OR if assigned as an Observer during the regular club season $100 for 8am-2pm.

The Junior Development Officials' Program is designed to offer junior players an opportunity:

  • To help the junior officials hone their officiating skills as well as their playing experience;
  • To provide role models for the younger junior players;
  • To offer a part time job for those willing to learn the trade;
  • To identify new officials and help them enter the officiating ranks;
  • To advance in volleyball through the Officials' Division. 

Junior Officials requirements:

  • Minimum of 16 years of age 
  • Be a CURRENT Junior Member in the ERVA.
  • Background Screen submitted ONLY if 18 years of age (within 10 days of turning 18 years old) $14 fee applies
  • 18 and over, complete SafeSport Training
  • To attend a training/mentoring session:
    • Full Season Junior Officials MUST attend the ERVA Officials Meeting in December or January. The training or mentoring session will cover the R1, R2, Scorekeeping, and Line Judge Positions.
    • U12 Regionals Junior Officials MUST attend the training on Friday, April 22nd prior to the Regional Championships.
  • To have reliable transportation (car or parent) to and from the assigned sites.
  • To have a uniform that consists of navy blue dress slacks, white athletic shoes (all-white if possible), timing device (watch with timer) 
  • Each Junior Referee will receive:
    • ERVA Junior Referee Kit
      • Junior Official shirt to wear during assignments
      • Whistle and Lanyard
      • ERVA flipping coin
      • Red/Yellow violation cards


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