Evergreen Region Volleyball Association




  • The cost per clinician is $125 + mileage if applicable. 
  • If you have a specific clinician you would like to request please indicate in the space below. 
  • Clinics will be added into Arbiter along with assigned clinician and fees. Login to your Arbiter account to see assignments and fees.

IN PERSON REF/SCORE Host Requirements:

  1. AV Equipment: You will need to have a data projector/reader for each room AND Laptop/Computer to connect plus HDMI cords. You can also have an overhead projector if you do not have the readers.
  2. Printing: You will need to print 1 set score sheet, deciding set score sheet & libero tracking sheet for each person and provide pencils.
  3. Check-In Sheet:  Double check the sign in file  to make sure EVERYONE in attendance is checked in. If they aren't checked in they won’t be given credit for the course. Club will submit sign in sheets to Region Office after clinic.