Evergreen Region Volleyball Association

2023-24 ERVA Team Registration



  • Each team is identified by their individual team code (gender, age division, club code, rank within club). Each club must submit a Team Registration form and $60/team fee to Region office prior to participation in first tournament. If changes to a roster are made that requires a new team code to be administered, a new $60/team fee must be paid prior to participation. 
  • Each individual team code MUST play in a minimum THREE ERVA sanctioned events to be eligible for the ERVA Bid Tournaments & Regionals. (PNQ counts as ONE) Please see the ERVA Participant's Handbook for more details. 


Fill out this form and submit payment for each tournament playing teams. Youth teams DO NOT require payment.

  1. Please indicate the EXACT team name & team code as written in SportsEngine for the Region to ACTIVATE for the season. 


  • Submitting this form for you to pay with a Credit Card. $60 /team + processing fee
  • Checks must be made out to ERVA and sent to: 1818 W Francis Ave., #215 | Spokane, WA 99205.
    • If you would rather pay by check you may submit this form and select the pay offline/send check option. If paying by check the fee is $60 per team.
    • Teams will NOT be activated or edited until payment is received.

ERVA Office

Phone: 509-290-5552